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Friday, September 28, 2007

Wedding nerves

I will be walking down the aisle to be married in exactly 5 hours and 10 mins. My stomach just woke me due to severe pain. Looks like Im getting nervous. It took me an hour to fall asleep and i only stayed asleep for...5 hours and 20 mins... 2 hours longer than last night.

Weddings are funny things. For the first little while they are a lot of fun to plan and think about. But there is a point where you no longer like the idea of a wedding and all you want to do is be married. I just can't wait for the day to be over.

I am very excited for when i get to go down the aisle right to my very soon to be husband. I want to be next to him, holding his hand.

Anyways, i guess ill go back to lie down for a while. Can't hurt.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Recent happenings

Since I have known Dave, he has always wanted a motorcycle. After watching a road trip movie with Ewen in it, he decided it was time to get one. So, about two months ago he went and bought a bike. I have to say, I find it a lot of fun to ride on.
This was the Youth Car Rally. They had two hours to find as many things on the list I gave as they could. This team was the winners... although I kind of think they cheated now.
This is Dave and I when we went on the youth hike. I have to say it was a pretty pathetic hike but I thought the study afterwards was pretty good.
Here are the youth who came. When I say youth, most of them are 18-20. I think they had a good time.
And finally, Canada Day. It was so good this year. We had one of the best views in the house and it was so wonderful. I don't know if I have ever seen such good fireworks. They were exploding right above our hears and falling towards us.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rest found... at work!

Its funny how it can work sometimes. So often we desire to have a break from work to be able to just relax and have time for ourselves and yet sometimes work provides that time for you.

Just this weekend I had the opportunity to go with 18 students to Lafleche Caves in Gatineau. It was a beautiful time. I got to enjoy the company of some wonderful students and had a peaceful time surrounded by God's creation. Being inside the cave was such a wonderful experience. Knowing that it was formed naturally by God was so awesome to think about. The tour guide kept telling us things like how the cave was millions of years old and what not but I know the truth and was able to let her comments slide over me as though they weren't said. I admit that I wanted to pipe up and correct her for the sake of my students but I realized a good number of them weren't even listening... and I didn't quite know what I would say when she was in the middle of giving us a tour.

Let me take you on a picture tour of the cave.
This is the man made entrance to the cave which was dug after they found the network of tunnels in the cave.

This was the original entrance they found that went from the top down instead of from the bottom up.

Now, inside the cave it was so dark that when the tour guide told us to turn off our lights we literally could not see our hands right in front of our faces. And, no matter how long you stayed that way, your eyes would never adjust.
We went from the bottom of the cave ( or the bottom to us tourist but really more close to the top for the scientists) up 77 stairs to reach what was called as the chimney.

We were told that where we were walking was actually the top of a house and we were in the chimney of the house. She also explained that this cave is apparently one of three caves in the entire world that was formed from the water coming up from the ground rather than down from another source. I can't say I still fully understand.
At one point we got to crawl through this tiny little tunnel that was so small my knees were just about to my chin when I was trying to walk through. I was happy to be wearing a helmet since I hit my head so many times in the tiny little space.

This is the place we came out of. It was up a little bit from the entrance. which was neat.

Finally, this is where we had our lunch. This little bog like pond was actually once a lake. However, all of its sediments have caused it to shrink more and more so that it really is a little pond instead of a nice big lake.

Now, although this was a very wonderful time, we got to go to another beautiful place as well. On the way back into Ottawa we stopped in Gatineau Park to visit Pink lake. This would have been a nice place to spend more time then we had. We could have hiked around the whole lake but were short on time. I hope to go back again another time.And so, on Saturday I went to work but it was a restful day just the same. It was a nice day to be outside and what a beautiful view we were surrounded by. God really does show himself and his glory through his creation.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Not in the least bit tired

Today... or I guess I should say yesturday I was super exhausted. I was teaching and I could barely keep my eyes open. I had trouble standing in front of my class and found myself sitting down most of the time. I tried to monitor activities my students were doing and instead I kept hearing a voice in my head saying " go to bed, you want to sleep".

When I got home, and I must say, walking home was quite a trial, I sat on the couch to get a bit of a rest before I started making supper. After a bit of a rest i got up and made dinner. Once dinner was made I realized I hadn't done my reading for bible study so I sat down to read the chapter. I fell asleep three times while reading the chapter but kept jerking back awake because I knew I HAD to finish reading. Now, I knew I wasnt going to be able to stay awake through bible study so I needed to take a nap. I got into bed and tried to sleep but wasnt terribly successful. I relaxed with my eyes closed but didnt sleep. Then I got up to put the food in the oven.

I did manage to stay awake through study and be an active part. once it was over, however, I began to fade quickly. Once I hit the bed, I was gone pretty quickly.

If I was so tired all day and I fell asleep without a problem why am I awake now at 4:08 am? I have been trying to sleep since 3:30 am and can't. I didnt want to lie in bed and panic so I thought I would come out and distract myself.

While lying in bedI was thinking about curtains. Can I rent them or should I make them and how should I decorate the church for my wedding and how can I decorate the reception hall. Do I need a caterer and if so how much is it going to cost... wedding plans coming to my mind while Im trying to sleep. Baking and cooking and invitations... its too early for me to be losing sleep over this. And yet, I am still not tired. Im going to be really tired later on today though.

Watch out world! Katie is around without sleep. Be careful what you say are she might just start crying. That seems to be how I handle fatigue.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007



I have to say, i was nervous going to Montreal because i was worried that everything was going to go the away the church has been going... not finding anything. Once i got there, Jo and I went out shopping. Not for wedding things but for clothes and then cake.

I have to say, coffee is a) gross and b) a major cause for why all day Saturday i was super exhausted. I had some sort of flavoured coffee with my cake and really didnt like it that much. then, when i tried to go to bed i was wide awake. I ended up only getting about 3 hours of sleep. I was horrible.

When Saturday came, we got ready and headed out bright and early. The first store was where i got my dress. It was the third dress i tried on too. I cant describe it so you'll just have to wait until i have pictures or you are at my wedding. Now, i was hoping my bridesmaids dresses would be as easy but that wasnt the case. We went from one end on Montreal to another and then back to the center and just before giving up, my sister found a very nice black dress. So, all the girls tried one on and guess what? It was the dress we left with. So, we all have our dresses. No ordering, no fitting... everything a perfect fit. Could it have been easier? Well, i guess a little bit but i wont complain. we left with everything we needed.

So, now we just have to print invitations. Dave and I decided we were tired of waiting on churched and having them say no to us so we are going to get married at my church. It will take a little bit of work to make wedding pretty but i think it will be lovely and comfortable. We wont have to pay for anything which will make everything else a little lighter. We might just manage to be on budget and maybe even under it.

Im very happy.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wedding season

So, Like last year, I guess this year is also going to be a little busy with weddings but in a different way. This year it is my wedding as well as my cousin Grace's wedding and they are both in September. I am so excited for the both of us.

Grace just got engaged this week on Sunday or maybe Saturday but is getting married three weeks before Dave and I. I am happy she is getting married before Dave and I but for the both of us it is going to be a very expensive time of year. To travel to Georgia or for them to travel here before or after a wedding is expensive.

The reason why I am very happy they chose to have their wedding before us is that if it were after us, Dave wouldnt be able to come due to school and it would be hard to leave him after just being married. Its hard leaving him now just for a weekend let alone for a longer time.

As for my wedding planning, a few things have come up that get me a bit paniced. Firstly, we have found out that what we are paying for a reception place is way more expensive then many places. I thought it was reasonable but am finding more and more people who think it is much too expensive. I talked with Dave last night and we agreed we'd see if there was anything else but I found out this morning that my depost check was cashed and I really dont wish to waste that money.

Churches are still not worked out. We had one we loved but they called us to let us know that if we weren't from their denomination we couldn't use their church. It made me sad and a little upset about it but then we came across two other beautiful churches and they are both suppose to contact me today about the ability to use their church... much more positive then my call yesturday from the other church. So, if all goes well, I can get on to creating invitations next week. I hope I hope I hope.

This weekend is the girls trip to Montreal that I am so excited about. I hope to find my dress as well as bridesmaids dresses and my sister already knows what she wants as a maitren of honor... so I am so excited. Having the dress is such a fun step and I am thankful I have found a place where I can find one for cheap... its great not getting a traditional wedding dress.

So, as of yet, we have very little officially figured out. we have some plans but everything is a waiting game. We need to hear back from our reception hall and the churches so we can move on to figuring out the next steps. If we can't use ovens at Stanleys farm then we are in for a big dilema. Oh well, I know it will all be figured out.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I dont think many people ever come to this site aymore because I am so bad at updating. The idea of sitting in front of my computer is much less desireable now that Dave is back in town and not away at school.

The big news is in the title. Dave and I are getting married. Hopefully September 28th. We are waiting on the reception hall to tell us how much of a deposit they want and then we need to book a church but after that we are set to start everything else.This is the reception hall we are waiting to hear from. We know we are allowed to use it we just need to give the deposit before it really is ours for the day.
This is the first thing you see when you go to the site. A beautiful lane lined by maple trees.

I get to go wedding dress shopping in two weekends. I am very excited. This weekend i am away at a retreat with the women from my church but then after that its Montreal to visit my Aunty Laura and get the wedding clothes for the women finished... I hope I hope I hope. Id post up the website that I found my potential dress on but I dont want Dave to happen upon it. That's no fun.

Hopefully i will remember to let you know how the shopping goes after we come back.